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Movies Made In Minnesota & Other Facts
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Movies Made In Minnesota & Other Facts
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Movies Made In Minnesota
Famous People From Minnesota

Minneapolis media
The Mary Tyler Moore Show, a popular television situation comedy in the 1970s,
was set in Minneapolis. A statue of Mary Tyler Moore was erected downtown,
on Nicollet Mall, in 2002 to commemorate the program.
Although the city is not often a setting for movies, a few notable ones have been filmed there:
    * North Country (2005)
    * Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men (set in Wabasha)
    * The Mighty Ducks
    * Jingle All the Way
    * That Was Then, This Is Now, based on the novel by S.E. Hinton
    * Untamed Heart
    * Prince's movie Purple Rain featured First Avenue, considered the city's most influential music venue.
    * Drop Dead Fred
    * Joe Somebody
    * Beautiful Girls
    * Mall Rats
    * 20 Bucks
    * Drop Dead Gorgeous
    * The Heartbreak Kid (some scenes)
Famous Minneapolitans
    * Eddie Albert, actor famous for role in Green Acres
    * Louie Anderson
    * Richard Dean Anderson
    * The Andrews Sisters
    * Lew Ayres
    * C.C. Beck
    * Mitch Clem
    * Joel and Ethan Coen
    * Rachael Leigh Cook
    * Dr. Demento (aka Barry Hansen)
    * Gordon R. Dickson
    * Khalid El-Amin
    * Kimberly Elise
    * Al Franken
    * Thomas L. Friedman, journalist
    * Neil Gaiman
    * J. Paul Getty
    * Terry Gilliam, the Stateside Monty Python
    * Genevieve Gorder, Trading Spaces
    * Josh Hartnett
    * George Roy Hill
    * Jimmy Jam
    * Kent Hrbek
    * Doug Pagitt
    * Hubert H. Humphrey, former Vice President
    * Dan Israel, songwriter
    * Jerry Lynn, professional wrestler for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
    * Mint Condition, famous band
    * Walter Mondale, former Vice President
    * Prince
    * Charles Schulz, Creator of the Peanuts comic
    * Lili St. Cyr
    * Raymond W. Rolfe, Artist
    * Semisonic
    * Soul Asylum
    * The Soviettes, punk rock band
    * Tiny Tim (aka Herbert Khaury, buried in the city's Lakewood Cemetery)
    * Vince Vaughn
    * John Piper, Internationally known reformed author, theologian, and pastor of Bethlehem Baptist in downtown Minneapolis
    * Mark Mallman, musician
Famous people from Minnesota
Eddie Albert
 Loni Anderson
 Louie Anderson
 Richard Dean Anderson
 James Arness
 Tom Arnold
 Soul Asylum
 Ann Bancroft
 Patty Berg
Bill Berry
Jessica Biel
 Herb Brooks
 Warren Burger
 Robert Cabana (NASA astronaut)
 Bob Casey (Stadium P.A. Announcer)
 Joel and Ethan Coen
Rachael Leigh Cook
 Morris Day
 Mark Dayton
 Bob Dylan,
 Richard Eberhart
Tammy Faye
F. Scott Fitzgerald
 Al Franken
 Orville Freeman
 Judy Garland
 Terry Gilliam
 Mary GrandPré
 Peter Graves (actor)
 Alex Hage, Sid Hartman
 Josh Hartnett
 Mitch Hedberg
 Hubert H. Humphrey
 Hüsker Dü
 Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
 Pat Jarosch
 Garrison Keillor
 Frank B. Kellogg
 Tom Kelly
 Craig Kilborn
 Peter Krause
 Don LaFontaine
 Jessica Lange
 Tom Lehman
 The Trashmen
 Brock Lesnar
 Sinclair Lewis
 Charles Lindbergh
 John Madden
 Roger Maris
 Charles Mayo
 William Mayo
 William Worrall Mayo
 Eugene J. McCarthy
 Kevin McHale
 Breckin Meyer
 George Mikan
 Mint Condition
 Paul Molitor
 Walter F. Mondale
 Lorenzo Music
 George Nelson (astronaut)
 Gena Lee Nolin
 David Oreck
 Carl Pohlad
 The Replacements
 Marion Ross
 Winona Ryder
 Kathryn Leigh Scott
 Flip Saunders
 Charles Schulz
 Seann William Scott
 The Spin Doctors
 The Suburbs
 Phil Solem
 Kevin Sorbo
 Harold Stassen
 Will Steger
 Glen A. Taylor
 Lea Thompson
 Cheryl Tiegs
 Vince Vaughn
 Thorstein Veblen
 Jesse Ventura
 DeWitt Wallace
 Roy Wilkins
 Bud Wilkinson
 Dave Winfield
 Steve Zahn
Mythical figures from Minnesota
Jolly Green Giant
Paul Bunyan
Poppin' Fresh
Betty Crocker
Rocky and Bullwinkle


My Experiance On The Filming Of North Country
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